Squared red bodice belt.

It is time for new things. I moved in another town, have a new job, a lot of things to do. But after all this in the autumn days, I made also some craft things. Knitted a new triangular scarf and and made this belt.

If you looking at the people in these days you find a lot of squared accessories like scarfs and ponchos. But I Iove squared clothes for such a long time and so I searched for a fabric like this – with black and red. Handsewing work was done at my mother’s and I found help with some problems. I used my last big cable tie from my husband’s work. Very helpful to give the belt the right form.

I bought the cotton lace ribbon at a shop in my hometown. The shop owners told me that the shop is 160 years old. I was impressed and fascinated by traditional shops like this. So I have also a relation to my homeland with this handmade thing.

After I sewn the ribbon I made the stitching on the back. A special rune in combination with the infinity sign. I think it stands for all good things that gives me power and show me my roots and my way. The red velvet ribbons were the last step.

I wore the belt two times, for one time at a small theatre where I have new task.

Wish you all nice autumn days and many time to being creative!


Ready for the Belle Epoque Picknick. The accessores.

In my last blogpost I showed you the Scottish Steampunk belt, made for my dress. It’s typical for me to start with other accessoires after this one. The ideas swirled around me and blue, brown and black are my colours for my Picknick outfit.

I am always suprised what you can reach with a couple of nice accessores if you have no complete Victorian or Edwardian dress. In this case I need no corset and use only the belt for this outfit. The corset was not necessary in Edwardian times. It was always underwear, but it disappeared after the fashion has changed. So the ladies wore a long skirt or not the full length and a blouse and often belts. The shoes are often boots but it changed into nice pumps and it’s better for the summer time in my case. The weather forecast says 27 degress for this day and it’s warm enough in this dress with nylons and all the things.

I have no perfect hat and I don’t like it to wear it all the time. I am friend of the Edwardian hairstyles and it’s sometimes an effort with my fine hair. I use some ribbons and the golden wire for the hair accessoire. The watch is a Steampunk element, also the gears in the earrings. The choker has also a kind of gear, but it was no part of a real watch. You can see also a stamp picture on it. The black lace ribbon was the rest of my black button scarf.

I have so much material, it was necessary to clean the atelier with all the boxes and the chaos table to put all in order after so much creative work. I hope I will find a new place for all this if I find a new home. It’s a lot of stuff, I think too much for a small flat. But patience, I think it is on it’s way.

I am looking forward to the Picknick in Cologne and think I will meet a lot of great costume makers and friends of Steampunk and Victorian. I hope I will be not only a simple mixture of styles. It’s my own style, own ideas. In this case with a Scottish influence ;-). Pictures of me in the full dress will follow (if my friend or photographers take a look at me with the camera).

Steampunk in blue.

A new belt for an event in the next time. I need something for my amazing “5 Euro dress” for an event in Cologne. I have no Victorian dress at the moment and I decided to make a compromise between Edwardian and Steampunk and influenced by this Scottish flag. I don’t know what it was. The Whisky in my holidays or the funny talk? Or my last book about a love/murderer story that plays in Scotland? Or another reason?

I have bought a fabric with a pattern similiar to my dress and I thought I use my sewing machine. No chance. It sewing backwards and I am too silly to understand why. My hands made all the work. Sewing, stiching, painting, buttons.

And I learned to use my lovely cable ties for belts or – I hope next time – for corsets. They are perfect, if you have some bigger ones. I used golden metal wire for stiching for the first time and it was not so easy. But I love the result. Parts of watches and my gears are good for the details.

The buttons were an other experiment. I found a perfect blue fabric for this in my box. And made the Scottish flag. I used a hammer to make the buttons because the system which I bought doesen’t work. Finished. I am happy with it. Wool sleeves, a necklace and earrings will follow.

Looking forward to the Picknick and hope we have good weather and some nice pictures at the end.

Lace scarf with initials

After a long long time I come back to the knitting and sewing things. I made a lot of pictures the last months and this is one good excuse for less updates. Sorry!

But the summer time is also a time for triangular scarfs. They are very practical for colder evenings for shoulders and neck. And I have no one with lace. So I decided to knit a black “baktus” with a whole pattern and warm wool. In addition to that I stitched my initials on it. With wool, not a special yarn. This was maybe a failure. The material was not easy to handle and you can see – my “N” is a very weird letter ;-)….

But I have not much experience with stichting. It is long time ago when I made my last one – great shirt, my first Wallis Bird shirt (click on the link to see it). She was very stirred as she saw this for the first time :-)….

But back to my scarf. I live now with my weird stichting and I think it is a nice thing for all black and dark outfits (I am in my gothic and Steampunk phase again…)

If you want to see more different things like jewels you can visit my facebook site.

The owner of the keys

They are so many influences these days. So many fantasies. And the focus lies on a key.

And I bring some things together in this choker. You can see a chain, a key, a cross and two green pearls. But a cable tie hold the chain and the things together.

I am usually not a friend of such pastel colours but I found the ribbon and decided to make a choker in these colours and I like it.

I hope you like it, too. 🙂